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Christoffer Hoyer is a Danish multi instrumentalist, artist, composer, songwriter and prolific music producer. As an artist he has been very successful in Scandinavia with his band, Envelope. Currently, he is signed as a solo artist to Warner Music Scandinavia.

He is the go-to guy for many TV and film production companies because they can get everything they need directly from him, straight out of his studio: Great and catchy melodies, strong lyrics conveying the message or mood that fits the scene, exciting production, great musical performance on a broad variety of instruments, a top quality mix and master. Moreover, Chris is busy writing background music, cues and scores for TV shows, films, documentaries and commercials, often merging classical instruments such as string quartets with modern software based productions.

Most Notable Credits

18 Award Wins, 17 Nominations
Lego 2015
Cowboys & Aliens 2011
Lucky 2011

Recently, Chris wrote, played, produced, mixed and mastered the theme song for the brand new "Lego Elves" TV show. The song is launching the "Lego Elves" Universe, TV commercials, toys and TV episodes in 40+ countries, premiering in March 2015.

Chris wrote, played and produced all the music for the "One On One - the Cowboys and Aliens Interviews", a big compilation of films with interviews and background material promoting the film "Cowboys and Aliens", starring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. He also composed, produced and performed the song, "Beautiful World" for the film "Lucky", starring Collin Hanks and Ari Graynor. Chris is working as a composer and producer for the TV channel, Comedy Central, writing for their TV Specials.

He owns the company Hoyer Songs, in Copenhagen, but is also one of the two owners of the American music production company, Dirty Silence Music, based in Los Angeles.

Filmography List

2015 The Official Lego Elves Song (March Release)Original Composer
2011 Igniting the Sky: The Making of Cowboys & AliensComposer: Additional Music
2011 LuckyMusic Contribution
2011 Nick Kroll: Thank You Very CoolComposer: Theme Music
2010 One Tree Hill (TV Series)Music Contribution

Discography List

2012 Silent Songs About Things That Don't HappenWarner Music Denmark A/S
2009 Open Roads Lonely TrainsHoyer Songs / VME
2001 StayTurmic Records

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