• "Helene Muddiman and her team are much need pioneers
    in a climate otherwise bent on exploiting
    musicians, composers and songwriters."
    - Joel Douek
      Grammy Shortlist
      (2 Global Music Awards)
  • "The one good thing about music is,
    when it hits you, you feel no pain."
    - Julia Harriman
      (High School Musical 3, The Voice)
  • "Adonis' music is rich, full and lively and a delight
    to listen to. His work is outstanding and compliments
    our visuals perfectly. Adonis is simply gifted.
    I highly recommend him for scoring your next project."
    -Armand Gazarian, Dynamic Films
    - Adonis Tsilimparis
      ASCAP Best Song Award, AWNY Award
       Naked As We Came, CSI: NY, Wife Missing
  • "Wonderful to be associated with the
    Hollywood Elite.  The HE Team has
    created an awesome platform for finding
    new life for our music."
    - John McCarthy
      Gemini Award Winner
      (Stone Angel, My Own Worst Enemy, Love and Human Remains)
    John McCarthy Artist Page
  • "...A voice personally delivered by God."
    -The Times
    - Christine Collister
      (Home and Away, Richard Thompson Band)
  • "A van, a good lady,
    and doing what I love
    [is what I need as a touring musician]."
    - Van Lady Love
      Verge Top 100 Artist
      (Say Something, 6 National TV Placements)
  • "By joining Hollywood Elite,
    I have partnered with a brilliant team of people
    whose is to promote the highest quality,
    in a progressive and innovative way."
    - Aleksandra Kovac
      (European MTV Award Winner, Serbian Oscar Win)
  • "It's refreshing to find a licensing model
    that not only makes a great deal of business sense,
    but that manages to put composers first too."
    - Michael Eastwood
      Gagarin: First in Space, A Place in the Stars
      (Oticons International Film Scoring Medalist)
  • "It's an absolute honor
    for me to be a part of this innovative organization
    along with such respectable composers."
    - Marika Takeuchi
      Zone Music Reporter Nominee
      (Rain Stories, Without You)
  • "I'm very excited to be included
    amongst the excellent collection of artists
    showcased on this wonderful platform."
    - Davidson Yeager
      (Soul, Innocence Comeback)
  • "The quality and depth of
    the composers here is just astounding
    and I feel honoured to be a party of it."
    - Benjamin Woodgates
      ASCAP Foundation Michelle & Dean Kay Award
      (PC/Playstation IV: "Wander", Atlantis)
  • "I'm really proud to be a part
    of this huge project, along with
    so many valuable composers."
    - Andrea Brignoli
      Warner Chapell Music Italy Award Winner
      (Oticons Faculty Film Music Competition)
  • "The Hollywood Elite project
    is a positive influence
    for the film and media industries."
    - Spiros Dielas
      Portobello Film Festival, CineME Festival
      (Facet, Fear of Parenthood)
  • "Hollywood Elite is a platform
    that is truly working on behalf
    of composers and artists."
    - Aidan Rowe
      RMA Composer Choice Award, Sorel Foundation Women in Film Award
      (Star Trek Website Short Film, Hello Sweetheart)

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