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Joel Douek is an award winning composer and instrumentalist whose music has appeared in some of the most prestigious documentaries of the last few years, including Sir David Attenborough's groundbreaking foray into 3D films and a number of other award-winning productions. He has also scored hundreds of TV episodes, over 75 documentary specials, as well as numerous films and national commercials. Specializing in orchestral drama, Joel brings a fascination with world music and electronica into many of his scores. From big-screen IMAX features such as the BAFTA-winning film 'Flying Monsters 3D' and the Liam Neeson-narrated Everest adventure: 'The Wildest Dream', to the triple-EMMY-winning 'First Life with Sir David Attenborough', 'Kingdom of Plants 3D' and 'Galapagos 3D', feature thrillers such as 'The Tall Man' with Jessica Biel, 'Life'- Discovery's acclaimed sequel to 'Planet Earth', and iconic animations such as 'YU-GI-OH!', 'Sonic X' and 'The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', Joel's music has brought many a scene and story to life.

On the record side, Joel is a past winner of the Song Of The Year Contest for his work with Karin Brennan on the song King's X. Working with Brazilian singer Bebel Gilberto, he arranged and co- produced a re-imagining of Nat King Cole's classic Brazilian Love Song for EMI 'Re:Generations' Album. Joel's additional album credits include Duel Madness (Dreamworks Records) and the Big Band Latin remix of Destiny's Child's 'Lose My Breath'. Joel also collaborated with William and the Earth Harp Collective on their 2013 Holiday Album. His YouTube channel featuring the ever-popular 'Yugioh' score recently topped 1.4 million views.

Most Notable Awards

2 Global Music Awards
Grammy Shortlist
Global Music Award 2 Wins

Joel also serves as West Coast Creative Director for Man Made Music, covering a host of branding and TV production responsibilities. With his background in Neuroscience, Joel guides qualitative and quantitative sonic research to move forward the science of sound in experiences. His paper on "Music and Emotion" was recently featured in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience and he has spoken on the topic at conferences around the world. Joel is on the Board of Directors of the Society of Composers & Lyricists (SCL), and serves as the Chairman of its Seminar Committee. He is originally from London and lives in Los Angeles. On the side, he is a professional Fire Dancer, percussionist and Didgeridoo player.

Filmography/Discography List

2014 Galapagos 3DIMAX Feature Film
2014 Kingdom of Plants 3DIMAX Feature Film
2013 Universal LanguageShort Film
2013 Across All BordersFeature Film
2013 PaperFeature Film
2012 The Tall ManFeature Film
2012 The Worst Thing I've Ever DoneFeature Film
2011 Flying Monsters 3DFeature Film
2011 TwinsFeature Film
2010 The Wildest DreamFeature Film
2009 Out in the SilenceFeature Film
2009 Great DirectorsFeature Film
2008 The Meaning of TeaFeature Film
2008 The Last MermaidFeature Film
2004 YugiohFeature Film
2005 As the Call, So the EchoFeature Film
2005 Rocks With WingsFeature Film
2004 The ReunionFeature Film
2004 Jackie & JillFeature Film
2003 A Moment of ClarityFeature Film
2003 Choice VietnamFeature Film
2014 Micro Monsters 3DTelevision
2014 Rise of AnimalsTelevision
2013 Galapagos 3DTelevision
2012 Kingdom of Plants 3DTelevision
2012 Party Like An Emperor-National GeographicTelevision
2012 Party Like the Queen of FranceTelevision
2012 Party Like the Rich and FamousTelevision
2011-2012 FrontlineTelevision
2011 First LifeTelevision
2011 Everest: Shooting the ImpossibleTelevision
2011 Can You Live Forever?Television
2010 Mission Critical - HubbleTelevision
2010 Hunting the Edge of SpaceTelevision
2008-2010 Egypt UnwrappedTelevision
2009 The LinkTelevision
2009 Blood In the WaterTelevision
2009 Sharkbite SummerTelevision
2009 Predator XTelevision
2007-2009 ChaoticTelevision
2008 The Star Of BethlehemTelevision
2008 Wired CityTelevision
2008 The Lost PyramidTelevision
2008 Into the UnknownTelevision
2006-2008 Atlas RevealedTelevision
2007 Adventure BhutanTelevision
2007 Oceans Of FearTelevision
2007 Apollo 13Television
2006 Jack the Ripper: The First Serial KillerTelevision
2006 Egypt's New Tomb RevealedTelevision
2006 King Tut's Mystery TombTelevision
2006 Munich: Mossad's RevengeTelevision
2006 Secret of the Great PlagueTelevision
2006 The Secret Reign of HerodTelevision
2005 First On the Moon-The Untold StoryTelevision
2005 War Of the BirdsTelevision
2005 Khubilai Khan: Fall Of the Mongol HordesTelevision
2005 The Million Dollar RecipeTelevision
2003-2004 Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesTelevision
2003-2004 Sonic XTelevision
2002-2004 Ultimate MuscleTelevision
2001-2004 YugiohTelevision
2003 F-ZeroTelevision
2002 HealthlineTelevision
2002 Hispanics TodayTelevision
2001-2002 Shaman KingTelevision
1999-2002 Pokemon!Television
2001 The Menace Of LandminesTelevision
2014 Holidays - William Close and the Earth Harp CollectiveAlbum
2011 The Edge of Heaven - Lisbeth ScottSong
2011 The Wildest DreamOriginal Music Soundtrack
2004 King's X - Karin BrennanSong of the Year
2004 Lose My Breath - Latin Madness Remix - Destiny's ChildSong Remix
2002 Duel Madness- Music To Duel ByAlbum
2002 Summon the Dragon - Music To Duel ByAlbum
2002 137 - ZoharAlbum
2000 Step Into the Light - Rod BlakeAlbum
2012 Astordisco - AltocametSong
2012 Pasion Descalza - AltocametSong
2001 Echo Park - New Power TrioSong
A Place Without SeasonsTheater
The Light OutsideTheater
Moon Of the CaribeesTheater
The BreakoutTheater
No ExitTheater

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