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Fadi was born in Moscow, and from an early age he showed talent for music. His then kindergarten teacher pointed toward his absolute pitch hearing and recommended that he should audition for the prestigious Gnessin Music Academy. Having successfully passed the entry audition Fadi was then brought up as a classical musician taking lessons in piano and violin from the age of 6. At the age of twelve due to family circumstances he moved with his family to Sweden and four years later to England. He carried on his musical education throughout his youth and followed it up at university level. In 2004 he graduated from Durham University in Music and German language, later that year he moved to Hamburg to work as a music teacher, teaching piano, guitar and music theory. During his student years he became fascinated by the way sound interacts with moving picture, and firmly decided to pursue a career as a film composer. In 2006 he went back into studying to do an MA in Film Music at Bournemouth. After graduating a year later he moved back to Hamburg and worked as a freelance composer for several production houses in Europe, writing mostly for corporate projects. He has since composed music for the likes of Deutsche Boerse, MLP, Ferrero, SKY, the BBC, and many others.

Most Notable Awards

Origional Composer
Oticon's Faculty International Film Music 4th Place

At the same time, to finance his passion for composing, he worked as a piano-bar entertainer on cruise ships, piano bars and hotels around Europe. It was during that time that he saw a tape of Victor Borge in Concert, and was so inspired by that, that he immediately began thinking up his own concept of merging Classical Music and Comedy. Fadi has always loved the stage. Already at the age of 7 he gave his first solo performance and by the age of 13 he was performing regularly through various vocal and instrumental collaborations. By the age of 17 he was conducting in a local school orchestra, and whilst at University he conducted several theatre productions including West Side Story, Iolanthe and Fame. On the other hand various singing collaborations brought support gigs for the likes of Barry Manilow and Lesley Garret. He has performed in front of crowds ranging from 1-5,000 people. In 2007 Fadi was asked to write the music for a stage musical titled 'The Space Between', a story about young artists in London, faced with constant crime and gang violence however, due to financial reasons the musical is yet to be performed in its entirety. Parts of it were showcased in Berlin during a musical event organized by the 'Schreibmachine' in December 2011.

In 2014 he recorded his first solo album on a violin and loop station called 'Northern Lights', a homage to his journey through Norway on the Hurtigruten as a piano entertainer. The Album is a set of original compositions, with folk and minimalist inflections, as well as more recognized, broad film-music genre.

Filmography/Discography List

2014 UBS Switzerland (Corporate Logo)Original Composer
2014 Northern Lights (Album)Original Composer
2013 Boost Music Compilation (Legacy)Original Composer
2013 MLP Finanzberatung (Corporate Sound Logo)Original Composer
2012 Boost Music Compilation (Percussion Fantasia)Original Composer
2012 Deutsche Börse Original Composer
2011 Ferrero TVCOriginal Composer
2008 Maxi King TVCOriginal Composer
2008 Duplo TVCOriginal Composer
2008 Blakeleys Radio JingleOriginal Composer
2008 Maxi-King (TV Advert)Original Composer
2007 UBS (Corporate Advertising)Original Composer
2007 Feather (Animation)Original Composer
2007 Metropolis (Drama)Original Composer
2007 Hard Times (Feature Film)Original Composer
2007 BKP Music (TV Advert)Original Composer
2007 BMS/Promo (Corporate)Original Composer
2007 Tyny Wings (Animation)Original Composer
2007 Bloom (Short Drama)Original Composer
2007 The Marvelling Lense (Documentary)Original Composer
2007 The Wash (Short Drama)Original Composer
2007 FAME MusicalMusician
2007 The Brush (Animation)Original Composer
2007 Prey(Animation)Original Composer
2007 Karawanwege(Audio Book)Original Composer

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