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Nicolas Techer is an awards-winning French composer born in Reunion Island (a French oversea territory in the Indian Ocean). He got into music thanks to his parents at 8 years old, by learning the piano. After many years in different music schools, he plays now more instruments like the guitar, the bass, the violin and the accordion.

Nicolas studied music in Paris at Université Paris 8 and at the conservatory Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris Alfred Cortot, he is also a sound engineer/sound editor certified Expert Protools Music/Expert Protools Post Production by AVID, and has a certificate in Music Business from UCLA. Nicolas has been able to learn the job by interning with fantastic people like Lisbeth Scott and Matthias Weber, he was also in Hans Zimmer's and Henry Jackman's studios.

Nicolas composes music since his 12 years old. From piano pieces to orchestral scores, his passion for creating music led him to work as a full time composer and to live his dream. After experimenting many genres of music for years, he composes mainly for dramatic, action, sci fi, adventure and thriller movies.

Most Notable Awards

3 Awards, 1 Nomination
Accolade Competition, Award of Excellence
Hollywood Music In Media Awards Nomination

In 2014, Nicolas receives his first awards for his work, and has been part of the TV Show Tumble Leaf (which got multiple nominations at the Annie Awards) produced by Amazon and Big Pix Entertainment, and THE DARK VALLEY (which got a lot of awards like at the Bavarian Film Awards, the European Film Awards, the Lola Awards) produced by Allegro Film and X-Filme Creative Pool which is currently in The Oscars 2015 race representing Austria. His music "The Beast" is featured on the Vfx of Godzilla.

Filmography/Discography List

2015 In The WallsOriginal Music Composer
2015 Kadence (Short)Original Music Composer
2014 Mateo (Short)Original Music Composer
2014 The Passing (Short)Original Music Composer
2014 The Changing Room (Short)Original Music Composer
2014 Somnolence (Short)Original Music Composer
2013 Backwards (Short)Original Music Composer

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