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Piotr Komorowski is a Polish composer who, for many years worked strictly as a performer, conductor(conducting operas, symphonic repertoire and finally musicals) and concert pianist. In 2003 Piotr became more interested in composing. Soon, it became his real passion and shortly thereafter he got his first job as composer for various TV productions.

Most Notable Credits

Dom Nad Rozlewiskiem 2009-2015
Kac Wawa 2012
Wiadomości Z Drugiej Ręki 2011

He was born in Lublin and received classical education in Warsaw, Poland and the US. Piotr scored several feature films, documentaries and numerous productions for TV. His first movie "Expecting Love", starring Joshua Leonard reflects clearly his extensive piano and symphonic background. With his fundamental knowledge of symphonic music he constantly explores developing modern instruments and modern ways of sound production.

Filmography/Discography List

2009 - 2015 Dom Nad Rozlewiskiem (TV Series)Original Music Composer (Composer of Four Songs)
2012 Kac WawaOriginal Music Composer
2012 Mój RowerConductor and Actor
2011 Wiadomości Z Drugiej ręki (TV Series)Theme Music Composer
2011 Linia Życia (TV Series)Original Music Composer
2011 Jak się Pozbyć celulituConductor
2010 Czas Honoru III (TV Series)Music Department
(Arrangement of Two Songs)
2010 JoannaConductor
2003 - 2010 Samo Życie (TV Series)Origional Music Composer
2009 Toruń (Short)Original Music Composer
2009 Doktor (Documentary)Original Music Composer
2009 Idealny Facet Dla Mojej dziewczynyConductor & Music Depertment (Arrangement of One Song)
2008 Twarzą W Twarz (TV Series)Original Music Composer
2008 Teraz Albo Nigdy - (TV Series)Original Music Composer
2008 Expecting Love (film)- (Mała Wielka Miłość)Original Music Composer
2008 Expecting Love (series)- (Mała Wielka Miłość)Original Music Composer
2007 Jutro Idziemy Do KinaMusic Department (Arrangement of One Song)
2007 Regina (TV series)Theme Music Composer
2007 Magda M (TV Series)Original Music Composer
2005 PresjaOriginal Music Composer
2004 Oficer (TV Series)Additional Music
2004 Der 8 Kontinent (TV Series - Documentary)Theme Music Composer

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