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Tim Muddiman is a worldwide touring artist, multi instrumentalist, composer, lyricist and vocalist. Tim Muddiman and The Strange is Tim’s solo work and he has released three singles to date and an album is released in March 2016. Global reviews and radio play have put the band and music on the map and it is best described as “The Blues but not as we know it”. The vibe is modern, the songs powerful and the sound thick with groove.

The band and music take influence form film, writers, painters and life itself. Tim's next album is due for physical release via a Pledge campaign at the end of February. The album will be called PARADISE RUNS DEEPER.

Most Notable

Tim is also a long term member of Gary Numan’s band and he has contributed on both guitar and bass to Gary’s last three albums. Tim is also a busy music producer and remixer. In 2015 Pop Will Eat Itself released their 5th studio album that Tim produced and contributed guitar, bass and programming. His most notable credits include performing as an instrumentalist for Gary Numan on Splinter, Songs From A Broken Mind. Producer for Pop Will Eat Itself, Anti Nasty League, and remixer of Beautiful Dangerous by Slash & Fergie.

Filmography/Discography List

2015 Rolling StoneRecord Release
2015 Hands and ClawsRecord Release
2015 Wildwood Stone>Record Release
2016 Your DrugsRecord Release
2015 StrangersRecord Release
2015 Damage Is DoneRecord Release
2015 DragonsRecord Release
2015 I Feel Like I’m In An Open GraveRecord Release
2015 In The DrinkRecord Release
2015 Midnight CallingRecord Release
2015 Wake Up The SunRecord Release
2016 Rooms Record Release
2011 TimeRecord Release
2016 Oversea And UnderworldRecord Release
2015 There She GoesRecord Release
2015 Sleeping LionRecord Release
2015 The Hard WayRecord Release
2015 Wild HorsesRecord Release

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